I am thankful for Recovery is Beautiful
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I am thankful for Recovery is Beautiful




A week ago, I showed some of my friends the Recovery is Beautiful logo since they had asked what was some of the work I was getting into these days. After I whipped out one of my clings to show them the logo and told them about the movement, we went back to talking about other things. As I was packing up to leave, a friend said “thank you for showing me the logo and letting me know about the site; I want to show my Mom because she is in recovery. I looked at him and said “No problem bro”. As he walked away I thought to myself, I’ve known him for a while now and NEVER knew his Mom was in recovery”.  As I left, I felt different. I felt that what I was doing is really changing the conversation. I felt that individuals who are both advocates of individuals in recovery and those in recovery can use this movement to tell their story. Because it matters.


Recovery is Beautiful. 

– Dontavius