Recovery is Beautiful | On The Same Page Muskingum
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On The Same Page Muskingum

On The Same Page Muskingum (OTSPM) is a community organization working to promote literacy in the community, celebrate local history and encourage civic pride, encourage community interaction, and bridge the intergenerational gap. This year, OTSPM is partnering with the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board serving the Muskingum Area to highlight David Sheff’s books about our nation’s drug epidemic.

On September 13th, the community will host David Sheff as the keynote speaker at “Imagine: A Clean Community”, an event that will discuss addiction, the current treatment system, and supports for individuals and families. The event will take place at the Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville from 5:00-8:00 pm. You can register for the event at

OTSPM also has a blog that has published a series of posts about addiction. The blog posts will continue throughout the summer and they will discuss all of the six essential truths about addiction:

  1. Most drug use isn’t about drugs; it’s about life.
  2. Addiction is a disease.
  3. Addiction is preventable.
  4. Addiction is treatable.
  5. As with any other illness, the prevention strategies and treatments most likely to work aren’t based on tradition, wishful thinking, or faith – but science.
  6. Drug abusers and addicts can do more than get off drugs, they can achieve mental health.

To read the blog posts, visit