Recovery is Beautiful | September is National Recovery Month
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September is National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, a time to increase the awareness and understanding of mental illness and addiction issues, and a time to CELEBRATE individuals in Recovery! Let’s utilize this month to focus on and  work to change the conversation on mental illness and addiction. I encourage each and every person who reads this blog post to talk with at least 5 people who you know about the realities of mental illness and addiction. First, let them know that mental illness ad addiction are illnesses, not moral failings or character weaknesses, but chronic illnesses. Secondly, let them know that like diabetes or heart disease (other chronic illnesses) mental illness and addiction are treatable. Treatment Works, and People Recovery, In fact people recover at rates equal to, or better than many other chronic illnesses. Lastly, let’s all celebrate people in recovery. Reach out to individuals you know in recovery an congratulate them on their hard work, and CELEBRATE THEIR RECOVERY!