Recovery is Beautiful | Stan’s Recovery Story
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Stan’s Recovery Story

This story comes to Recovery Is Beautiful from our friends at the Perry County Tribune.

Drug of choice — Booze, weed LSD, speed, whatever.

To Stan it didn’t matter, all he wanted was to be high and feel no pain.

Stan recalls, “In school I was taught that smoking weed caused you to jump out of windows to your death or all drugs for that matter. When I found out that was not always true, I thought I was lied to.”

During the years that Stan was addicted he says he had very low self-esteem and they (drugs/alcohol) took away his desire to succeed. “I had a lot of health problems…physical and mental.”

Stan says the only treatment he went through was out-patient and the steps of 12 Step Program. “Those put me back in touch with God,” he said.

“During my years of being an addict my family took a lot of verbal abuse from me. Sometimes physical. Loss of money, making them do without, so I could party, do the things I wanted.”

“Being in treatment gave me a purpose to live and taught me how to accept life on life’s terms,” said Stan with a slight grin.

When asked if he could change something in his life, Stan looked away and said, ”Not sure…there is a lot of stuff I done I wish I hadn’t, but if I hadn’t done what I’ve done, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

His plans for the future including being the best God loving person, helping those he can to kick the addictions that they have, and to treat people better.

“If I can recover, so can you…let’s kick additions to the curb,” Stan concluded with a smile.