Recovery is Beautiful | Stavro’s Recovery Reflection
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Stavro’s Recovery Reflection

During Ohio’s 2017 Recovery Conference, individuals were given the opportunity to share why recovery is beautiful to them. Below is Stavro’s reflection:

I’ve learned to live again. The beauty is felt intentionally and is part of a tangible item that you can touch, feel, and see. Feeling the love and seeing my family coming back together as a family is one beautiful aspect of living clean. My life as an addict began over 20 years ago after I was diagnosed with MS. The drugs at the time for my MS were expensive and my out of pocket expense was $300 monthly. Street drugs were a lot cheaper and affordable for me and the addiction took off from there. Not to go through all the negative results, I’d rather tell you about my purpose as well as some of my goals for life in recovery:

  1. Being involved at the state level.
  2. Working with Ohio House of Representatives on getting young adults the care that they need for addiction.
  3. Bringing the idea of celebrating recovery to the faith-based community in Columbus and Dayton.