Recovery is Beautiful | You Can Overcome This…
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You Can Overcome This…

Recovery Is Beautiful Note: The following story uses some strong language. 

Excuse my language, but relapse is a bitch, it hurts….it not only hurts you but it hurts those that you love and chose to share it with. You try to be “superwoman/superman” for so long, you forget you’re human, you forget that you’ve been given the skills needed to cope, you get tired of trying to save everyone from their demons that you’ve shared in the past, you forget that you can’t save the world and it kills you. So you use, to forget about the stress, the pain and tell yourself it’s ok to give in. You then hate what you’ve done, hate yourself and think you’ve thrown away months or years of work. Relapse is a bitch, once again, but it reminds you that you’re human, you remember you don’t have the kryptonite to be the ideal person your brain tells you that you should be and you realize, it’s ok, you messed up. You must learn why, where, who with, when and how it happened. You can overcome this and be stronger, and start the count again, one day at a time, one minute at a time too.

– Brittany