Ally: What Does Recovery Mean to Me
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Ally: What Does Recovery Mean to Me

A friend of Recovery Is Beautiful recently provided these details regarding what her recovery means to her:

Recovery gives individuals like myself a chance for a new beginning. It allows a person to achieve goals and dreams that they were unable to accomplish before a life in recovery. Recovery has given me tools that I can and do access on a daily basis, regardless of the situation. My life in recovery allows for me to understand that progress is better than perfection. It’s shows me to not get hard on myself during the difficult times when I am feeling down, and to congratulate myself on achievements and progress that I make when I do something positive.

Most importantly, my recovery has given me the chance to live a life where I am actively present in situations in all my daily activities.


Before, my brain and my body were not always in the same place, but now, I am able to experience daily events and be an active participant in all that is going on around me, which is something I never believe would happen for me before entering recovery.