Kaylee’s Recovery Story
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Kaylee’s Recovery Story

Through my 27 years of life I have experienced things ranging from being beaten to being raped.  I now my suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Schizoaffective Disorder.

I first began hearing voices and seeing things that weren’t real as a young child, and I became very frightened.  My mental illness began to really take a toll on my life as a teenager and by my early 20’s I had made many suicide attempts.  I had many psychiatric hospital admissions, and had many visits to the Crisis Stabilization Unit. With the help of Six County, Inc., and the Bridge Builders program I haven’t been to the hospital in a year. I was to the point where I would go in the hospital for a week, be out two days and go back. I was in the hospital so much.  Bridge Builders is a great program because they are there for you when counseling offices are closed on evenings and weekends. I can call the Crisis hotline at 10 at night and tell them I need therapeutic monitoring. They have people who are set up to spend time with you and evaluate you during your visit. They can tell if someone needs to go to the hospital, or Crisis or maybe just spend a little time with the monitor. The people at Bridge Builders and the nurses, therapists, doctors and other clients at Six County, Inc., work together to help me become a better person. Everybody plays an important role in my recovery, providing support and guidance as I work on dealing with my illness and getting through it.

If it wasn’t for Six County, Inc., I wouldn’t be where I am today and I am very grateful for that.

– Kaylee C., Zanesville, OH