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National Alliance on Mental Illness

Richland County

Mary Kay Pierce


420 Stewart Lane

Mansfield, OH 44907


Consumer Operated Services

Oasis Club

87 East First Street

Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Richland County

Ph: 419.522.6443


NA/AA – Northeast NA/AA Region Website


Richland County Crisis Lines



First Call 211 (Richland)


Alzheimer’s Association National

Ph: (419) 522-5050 (Richland County)



Richland County ADAMH Board

87 East First Street

Suite L

Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Ph. (419) 774-5811


Service Providers

To begin the search for service providers, click on the link below and select a county of choice. You will then be provided with a listing of service and program Providers based on the county chosen. For further information concerning services and programs, contact the ADAMH Board serving your area.

Mental Health Service Providers

Addiction Service Providers