Tips For Living a Sober Life
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Tips For Living a Sober Life


Adjusting to a sober lifestyle can be intimidating for an individual who is newly in recovery. With this lifestyle change, there is the opportunity to stop using a substance, as well as a chance to live life like never before! However, these changes, while great, may also make a person feel overwhelmed, lonely, and even a bit lost.

There are many ways to live sober and to do so happily. Below are a few tips on leading a sober life:

  • Develop a Support System. Being alone through a transitional time in life can add stress to the situation. By connecting with a support system such as a sponsor, recovery coach, or peer supporter, an individual has the opportunity to make connections with others who have shared lived experiences. This support system will be able to provide helpful advice on how to achieve and continue the recovery journey.
  • Make Sober Friends. Having friends that still use can make it difficult for an individual to remain sober. Friends who live a sober lifestyle will encourage one another to live a sober lifestyle. Drop-in centers and consumer-operated services are great places to make new sober friends.
  • Self-Exploration. After entering recovery, an individual may feel unsure of their confidence or passions. Now with a sober life, the chances to explore and learn are endless! Becoming a recovery advocate, for example, is one of many ways individuals in recovery can get involved. This allows for the individual in recovery to be a part of something they feel passionate about. Taking the time to explore new endeavors is a great way to enriching a sober life!
  • Find A Hobby. Once substance use is removed from life, it can allow an individual the chance to explore opportunities that were not existent before. With a new sober life, new hobbies such as gardening, can bring happiness into life.
  • Exercise. In response to exercise the body experiences a “natural” high. This natural high occurs as a result of the body releasing endorphins which decrease stress and boost mood. Not only is it healthy, exercising can also be a great activity to do with sober friends.
  • Get Involved. Getting involved in something that an individual feels passionate about is a great way to have fun. Helping others in recovery, for instance, can be a great experience for everyone involved!
  • Occupy Yourself. Everyone needs a bit of down time here and there. However, having too much down time can be damaging for those in recovery. Keeping busy with things an individual enjoys doing can and allow for a happy and addiction free life.


Life in recovery can be difficult – especially in the beginning. However, by staying strong and relying on support of loved ones, an individual has nothing but potential to overcome the challenges, and to offer proof that Recovery Is Beautiful.