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Changing the Conversation

We want people to know and understand that:

Mental illness and addiction are chronic diseases.


Both mental illness and addiction can be successfully treated: Treatment Works and People Recover.


Recovery is to be celebrated. Individuals in recovery become active and contributing members of their communities.

What Does Recovery Mean to Me?

Recovery Stories

  • This story comes to Recovery Is Beautiful through the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Please read AJ’s story below. Growing up, I was convinced my father was the strongest man alive. Not only could he carry two full bags of laundry up our three-floor walkup in a single trip and......

Recovery is Beautiful Blog

  • On The Same Page Muskingum (OTSPM) is a community organization working to promote literacy in the community, celebrate local history and encourage civic pride, encourage community interaction, and bridge the intergenerational gap. This year, OTSPM is partnering with the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board serving the Muskingum Area to......