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Changing the Conversation

We want people to know and understand that:

Mental illness and addiction are chronic diseases.


Both mental illness and addiction can be successfully treated: Treatment Works and People Recover.


Recovery is to be celebrated. Individuals in recovery become active and contributing members of their communities.

What Does Recovery Mean to Me?

Recovery Stories

  • My mind has been my own worst enemy through my journey with bipolar. I have to say my friend’s advice has really helped me: “this is only temporary” – these have been the most effective words for me. The fact is, it’s true, it’s only temporary!   – Patty...

Recovery is Beautiful Blog

  • As Ohio’s ADAMH Boards continue to move forward in Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care, Recovery Is Beautiful has released a revised version of their BluePrint. Recovery Is Beautiful: A BluePrint for Ohio’s Community Mental Health and Addiction System is a five-year plan designed to transform Ohio’s mental health and addiction system......