Recovery Is Beautiful

Recovery Stories

"I am a childhood rape survivor and two-time traumatic-brain injury patient.
I am a suicide attempt failure (I am so glad). I don't care what my diagnosis is, I care about breaking stigma and speaking of my recovery.
I am an extremely successful secondary teacher. I am a social worker.
I am also a father, brother, son, friend, activist, a community volunteer. All that I am is much more than my diagnosis.
I am a 59 year old out and proud gay man. I am a hero to many. I am just me."
— Mark’s Recovery Story

"My recovery means that I get to live life and not just survive.
My recovery means that I am able to reach out and help others while giving others hope.
Recovery means that I get to love and not loathe. My recovery means EVERYTHING good in my life!"
— Daniel’s Recovery Story

"I believe Recovery is Beautiful because God loves everybody. We are all God’s children.
Just have faith in God because when you have faith in God Recovery is possible because with faith the impossible is possible.
I gave my life to the Lord when I was 17 years old. Before that, my life was worthless, hopeless, and meaningless.
I was suicidal. I didn’t want to live anymore. After I was saved the Lord gave me back my life. I have been recovered.
I have been in state hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, mental health centers, group therapy, drug and alcohol rehabilitation,
but the Lord gave me back my life. I have been in recovery for 43 years. Bless you all."
— Carol’s Recovery Story

"Recovery means to me: Eleven years of grieving, ten years of disordered eating and depression,
a lifetime of love, and turning from surviving to living. Recovery is loving those around you and
yourself enough to understand that you are worth it; it does get better,and who knows, maybe one day that hard time,
that journey you’ve been through, can be used to help someone through theirs. Together we empower each other. Together we are enough."
— E.E.’s Reflections on Recovery

"I am 29 months clean off of crack cocaine. I was able to start a new beginning in the city of Lima.
The path will get better as I try to reach my goal personally and spiritually."
— Gene’s Story of Recovery

"Recovery is beautiful because it not only gave me my life back but also my family’s life,
especially my parents. My addiction stole my parent’s life and recovery gave it back. I will be forever grateful for that."
— Reflections on Recovery

"To me, Recovery means that I get to live another day with a peace of mind and love
in my heart seeking forgiveness and the strength and willingness to forgive. If I can do it, anybody can.
My Peers, mentors, and everyone in Recovery that display a positive view to a journey we all must face help
me sustain my recovery. Seeing people in recovery helps me because if he/she can do it so can I."
— Ron’s Recovery Reflections

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